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Time and Attendance Software
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About eTSS
3 Decades of Experience.

GHG is a Houston-based company founded in 1979 to support NASA's Johnson Space Center. Our sweet-spot has always been both software and engineering design.  35 years later, we continue to employee over 300 employees at various Government facilities from coast-to-coast. 

​GHG values your savings.

Because we valued our own. We developed timekeeping software originally for our internal use, creating an affordable product without sacrificing quality. The software successfully spread because clients appreciated the competitive pricing.

GHG values your differences.

Because no two clients are alike. We specialize in having the freedom to craft our software precisely to fit your company, large or small, across all industries, in every sector, from government to private businesses, and beyond.

GHG values your trust.

Because we take pride in our reliability. You rely on our software, therefore, we support your organization’s commitment to excellence. We take accountability with confidence while you move business forward.  
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